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make me choose » anonymous asked Nathan Scott or Stiles Stilinski

   favoriteintheworld said: I mean, the writers heard about Skype, at least? good thing... like seriously, I understand this happens in real life, but it's the show and after 6 fucking seasons they just destroyed it like this?? they didn't kill Peyton, so why the hell they can not stay in touch? I guess I'll never understand

yes exactly, they were such a big part of the show, and then they just stopped existing without no real explanation? their characters didn’t deserve that, and their fans didn’t deserve that. I mean, Lucas and Peyton were the two MAIN characters, Lucas the lead character; they were there from the pilot, and after 6 seasons, they just ruin them like that :( not just breyton, but all the relationships the characters had built with each other; lucas/haley, lucas/nathan, peyton/haley, etc… 

   Anonymous said: Can you post gifs of Alex Dupre?

sorry, I haven’t seen s7 or 8 yet, so you’ll have to wait a while :(

   favoriteintheworld said: I'm reading all of this on my dash and I'm getting sad :( what they did to Breyton... it's just the worst. I mean, they overcame this triangle, always cared about each other, even when they were in this terrible quarrel in the 4th season, Sawyer BROOKE Scott and etc, and etc, and etc. and what, after all of this, they couldn't find time to call or write to each other or something??? the writers just really fucked up with this and it's absolutely awful :(

IKNOW it makes me so so sad :((

I really just wish that they could have made it seem like they stayed in touch or something, at least:(( I KNOW Peyton would care enough to take contact with Brooke when she was pregnant, getting married, whatever else went on in Brooke’s life! Peyton is there for Brooke FOREVER, that’s what she said, and SHE MEANT IT! Even if the writers decided to just ignore how much their friendship meant to each other, Peyton and Brooke WOULD stay in touch with each other, they WOULD check up on each other to see how things were going, they were best friends forever. 

*forever bitter*


   brittaniepaige said: Watch it! At first it feels like something's missing with out Leyton but honestly you get to see so much development with the other characters. Some of the new people I didn't really like but some of them I love as much as older characters. Seasons 7 and 8 really tie 9 together (since you've already seen it)

yeah, I am looking forward to a bunch of stuff too, even if I don’t like a lot of what happens! like I am really looking forward to see brulian develop:) and I just feel like I need to see all the seasons just so that I have seen it all anyway, and then I can go back to my happy existence living in the perf high school seasons again :’))

   Anonymous said: you're so right on the breyton friendship that gets replaced by baley. it annoyed the fuck out of me when brooke was like: "i was always there for peyton when people left, but you know who has been there for me? my maid of honour" like bitch pleaSE just bc hilarie couldn't make it to brulian's wedding doesn't mean you have to destroy breyton :(

ughh yes, the whole brulian wedding upsets me aLOT :((

I mean, from what I’ve heard, as Hilarie said in a convention not too long ago, was that she wasn’t even invited to the wedding episode so????

I hate how the fact that Hilarie had to leave, was something they took out on her character and the breyton friendship in later seasons :(

   Anonymous said: to be honest with you, i think that this replacing leyton with clinn is bullshit. they have absolutely nothing in common, so this argument doesn't make sense. the friendship built between haley x quinn and nathan x clay it's really beautiful to watch! and, in my humble opinion, s7 and 9 are REALLY good! yep, i think that s8 is not the best one, but i don't think that this is a reason to not watch it, you know? i think you should give this seasons a chance ;)

I am going to watch the seasons, as I have said, and I’m sure I will like a lot of it :) but some things just upsets me a lot about what will happen, I dunno

and when I say that clinn ‘replaced’ leyton, and don’t mean it as they were trying to be the ‘new’ leyton or anything, just.. the fact that the show brought in a new couple right after leyton were gone, just… I don’t like it! it was always supposed to be core 5, and when leyton were gone, they just bring in two new characters to take their place, and make new relationships with the characters and blah blah, and everything is like leyton never existed…. it just makes me sad and upset and yeah

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