One Tree Hill cast accept their ALS ice bucket challenges. (Part 2/?)

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Peyton Sawyer Appreciation Week

Day 3 Most Heartbreaking Moments: Season 5 Leyton Storyline

"I have this dream where we’re back in that hotel room in LA and you proposed to me and every single time I say ‘yes’.

"It’s just a dream, right?"

"It’s my dream."

Peyton Sawyer Appreciation Week » Day 3: Most Heartbreaking Moments


Peyton Sawyer Appreciation Week » Day three: most heartbreaking moment(s)


Peyton Sawyer Appreciation Week » day three: Most heartbreaking moment(s)

“You know what? it’s probably gonna be okay. If it doesn’t kill me - and it won’t, then it’ll make me stronger. “


Peyton Sawyer Appreciation Week » day two: favorite relationship

"Sometimes things find you when you need them to find you. I believe that. And for me, it’s usually song lyrics."

Peyton Sawyer appreciation week: day 2 | favorite relationship

When I think of everyone else out there in the world that goes through their life alone, and then I think of all the amazing years I’ve gotten to spend with my beautiful, beautiful best friend, Brooke Davis… I kind of feel sorry for everybody else.

Peyton Sawyer Appreciation Week

Day 3: most some heartbreaking moment(s)

I want to believe in it all again. Music and art, fate and love. And I want to believe that I’ve made the right choices and that I’m on the right path and there’s still time to fix the mistakes I’ve made… I guess I want hope.